Providing speech, language, and social communication services to children of all ages for
15 years! We specialize in physically-supportive services to children with autism diagnoses, and others who benefit from sensorimotor supports.

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January openings!

We have one or two openings for new clients in January!

Please email us at if you would like to have your child start receiving new services. We also offer multi-session assessments if that fits your child's needs better.

NLA book purchase

This is your last chance to purchase Marge's book on our website. After January 1, it will be available only through Northern Speech Services. The price remains the same and here is their link.


We've been asked to create a way to donate to CDC. We don't have a paypal account set up yet, but if you want to make a tax deductible donation before the end of the calendar year, please send a check to:

Communication Development Center
700 Rayovac Dr.
Madison, WI 53719

Thank you! Please be assured that 100% of your donation is used for programs for our wonderful kids.

Just in case you missed it...

One of our reader's favorite articles is this short and sweet one on echolalia!

Check it out here!

yup! we're speechies!

SLPs are known as "speechies" and speech therapists, but our little buddy came up with the best label when he protested going some place other than our clinic:

"No — I'm sorry — Word girl!"


If you're an SLP, you can check out Marge's on-line course on language development from echolalia to self-generated grammar — and take it for ASHA credit! Take a look HERE at Northern Speech Services.

In the fall, you can bring your own language sample to score at the course in Madison, WI on September 12 — in Northbrook, IL on October 3 — or Schaunberg, IL on November 14.

Check the NSS website for more information.

What's New on facebook?

"We LOVE you, Marge! B would not be where he is today without you and your clinic in our lives; so grateful you welcomed us in and thank you is not enough, but it is heartfelt and what I have. I know that B has thanked you and your staff in many ways and the gift of all of you really understanding him is immeasurable. Know that the gift you have given the world has changed many lives and made the world a better place for all of us (((HUGS)))."

Check out this and other stories on our CDC Facebook page!

NLA Forum

Many of you downloaded the form for scoring language samples with Natural Language Acquisition (NLA) protocol!

We hope you are finding success in identifying some "gestalts" (stage 1), "mitigations" (stage 2), and isolated words and combinations (stage 3) among your kids' language.

Please continue to send your questions to our email address:

Even if you've read the articles on echolalia, you may want to read about: dyspraxic speech support, language retrieval, and self-regulation.

Read more at our articles page.

ORDER the CDC book now!

NLA BookNatural Language Acquisition on the Autism Spectrum: The Journey from Echolalia to Self-Generated Language is ready to be sent your way!

Reviews are starting to come in!
Check out the new book page for the latest.

Order your copy today!
$29.95 plus shipping and handling.

Here's what SLPs are saying:

"Marge's work will revolutionize your thinking about your child's language and help you understand the depth of meaning behind it!"
-- Megan Snow, M.S., CCC-SLP

"It has been a joy to share Natural Language Acquistion with parents, and witness their excitement the first time they participate in a meaningful and reciprocal conversation with their child with ASD. This book empowers parents and SLPs to fully appreciate and honor the language their children have, provides strategies and tools to facilitate further language development, and provides opportunities for families to experience mutually fulfilling and exciting communicative interactions."
-- Jessica Schmidt, M.S., CCC-SLP

There are two ways to order:

For orders in the United States, please click here:

For international orders:
Please send your name, billing address, and address to:

articles by Marge Blanc

Bringing It Home: Physical Supports for Speech at Home and in Other Environments

It's All Gibberish to Me: Redefining "Non-verbal"

More Than Words (Parts 1-6)

Click here for more articles by Marge Blanc


A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words


Winter Break:

Friday, Dec. 19 — fall semester ends
Mon., Jan. 5 — spring semester begins

Spring Break:

Monday, March 30 – Friday, April 3

Welcome to CDC!

We are a small, non-profit clinic on the
west side of Madison, WI, specializing in communication services for children who benefit from play and physical activity to support their interactions and language: children with challenges associated with autism, dyspraxia, and sensorimotor coordination. Please browse our site to learn more about us!

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Famous Quotations

Classic Jokester:

A: We can use homonyms to make up jokes!

C: A man walked into a bar...
And ate it!!

(And she's how old? SIX!?!?!)

We'd love to include other favorite quotes from your kids, so when you have one, send it to us

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