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ASHA 2017

Echolalia and Gestalt Language Processing in Children: It's Not Just About Autism, presented by Marge Blanc, Lillian Stiegler, Alexandria Zachos, and Sarah Scheurich

You can find follow-up information about the seminar here!

Described as "the 'language soup' from which useful phrases will be extracted," Marge has written that "Echolalia signals a delay, not a disorder." In her 2012 book, she reviewed the research and presented evidence that echolalia is an integral part of language development for gestalt language processors, neurotypical and autistic. A succinct introduction to the topic can be found in the article Echolalia on the Spectrum: The Natural Path to Self-Generated Language.

The ASHA seminar described and illustrated this system for understanding the developmental value of echolalia. Coming from a variety of settings, the presenters shared their experiences in clinics, schools, and university, interfacing with students, teachers, and families. Even if you missed the seminar, the following links will help you to apply the strategies with your clients and students!

Follow these links for useful information after the seminar:

1. Natural Language Acquisition: 1 Page Parent Friendly Handout
2. Natural Language Acquisition: Summary and Scoring
3. Natural Language Acquisition: Blank Scoring Pages
4. Developmental Sentence Analysis: Assessment Procedure
5. Developmental Sentence Scoring: Blank Scoring Pages
6. Echolalia on the Spectrum: The Natural Path to Self Generated Language
7. Using Developmental Sentence Analysis: "Finding the Words: To Tell the Whole Story Part 3
8. Examining the Echolalia Literature: Where Do Speech-Language Pathologists Stand? by Lillian N. Stiegler.


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NLA Study Group

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Students and professionals with background in understanding echolalia and gestalt language development can now share ideas for supporting our kids next steps in language development.

If you have not taken the NLA course through Northern Speech Services, that will bring you up to date.

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In case you haven't read the NLA book, here's a nice review:

"It is hoped that this important work will help educators, therapists and parents move to more contemporary understandings and practices."

Barry M. Prizant, Ph. D., CCC-SLP
Adjunct Professor
Brown University

"Natural Language Acquisition on the Autism Spectrum: The Journey from Echolalia to Self-Generated Language is a wonderful resource that provides the most comprehensive consideration of echolalia and language characteristics of persons with autism to date."

"In this seminal work, Marge Blanc, an experienced clinician and clinical researcher, brings us back to a crucial understanding of language characteristics and language acquisition in ASD based on her deep understanding of language development from a social-pragmatic, child-centered perspective. Unfortunately, too many educators and therapists hold on to outdated and disproven perceptions of echolalia and gestalt language and attempt to 'treat' echolalia with a lack of knowledge of the historical context and research basis of our understanding of language development in ASD."

"By looking at echolalia only through a behavioral lens of pathology rather than through a developmental perspective based on research on autism and typical development, such practices may actually be hindering functional language development. It is hoped that this important work will help educators, therapists and parents move to more contemporary understandings and practices."

"This book is a 'must-read' for all who care about supporting social communication for persons with ASD based on research and sound clinical practice."

Barry M. Prizant, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
Adjunct Professor
Brown University

Director, Childhood Communication Services
Cranston, RI

Echolalia unscripted!

Echolalia communicates! And it jump-starts our students’ natural language development!

This ground-breaking book will show you how to:

  • Recognize the meaning and intentions behind echolalia
  • Support students on the autism spectrum from echolalia to self-generated language
  • Bring this information to families and your school teams
  • Connect with your students on the autism spectrum, and watch them grow!

NLA Book

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New NLA course

The second level NLA course has been viewed many times now and the reviews are in:

"I can hardly express how important this information is – it has the potential to revolutionize language therapy for autistic children all over the world. I hope it will become one of our field’s ‘best practices’ to embrace echolalia as the first step in the natural progression of language development for our clients with autism who are gestalt language processors. I believe ALL speech-language pathologists who work with children with autism should have to take this course – it’s that important. (I think it is telling that Barry Prizant recently praised Marge’s work in his recent book, Uniquely Human.) I plan to strongly recommend Levels 1 and 2 to my students and colleagues. I certainly hope there will be a Level 3 follow-up course, and that NLA will be a topic of discussion ASHA-wide!"

Check out the course here!

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even if you've read the articles on echolalia, you may want to read about: dyspraxic speech support, language retrieval, and self-regulation.

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